A big question about civil conflicts

I never understood the thing of civil war. It’s like you really don’t like living with someone in the same house, and you burn it down for sake of a better life. How could this result in a better life?

I have never had a chance to speak with someone directly involved in any type of conflict to get a better feeling what motivates people burning their own house.

About a year ago I watched lots of footage from Syria. I’m not even sure what is the current status there, because main stream media has already found many new topics to discuss like what is happening in Ukraine and a threat of Ebola virus epidemic etc. But when I watched the footage last year, I was struggling with one question:

Who is going to pay for this shit?

Think about it. Now let’s fast forward to Ukraine fighting. Put yourself in boots of these so-called ‘separatists’ (a.k.a. ‘rebels’ or ‘terrorists’). And let’s say they receive an external support from Russia to continue fighting (like Syrian combatants received lots of support from outside). So who do you think will pay to clean the mess?

Mr. Putin doesn’t seem like a generous sponsor here. Well, he has a huge stockpile of weapons on his backyard and he can easily spare some of those weapons, but he doesn’t seem to be a rich dad who will pay to clean this all up.

On the other hand, Ukrainian government doesn’t have any money as well. It was on a brink of default at the very beginning of the year. Now the situation is even worse. Half of the country is on fire and stopped producing anything. The debt is still there. It might be written off in future or restructured, but how about rebuilding these destroyed cities? Who will loan them so much money? Not someone who still can think straight.

Let’s continue this mental experiment of you being in boots of separatists. You fight with central government, both your comrades and your enemies trash your cities, and noone is going to pay for it. Do you plan to stay and live in these ruined cities? If not, why on Earth are you doing it? If yes, how do you see your better life there, which you’re fighting for?

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4 Responses to A big question about civil conflicts

  1. It seems like American Civil War resulted in a better life…

  2. Alex says:

    Small remark to your post. Not half country but small part. https://pp.vk.me/c617530/v617530279/180a4/yABRHKOVvxE.jpg

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