On Ukraine-Russia matters

A couple months ago I said that I am not going to comment on a situation in Ukraine because it is getting totally absurd.

Unfortunately, it seems it is not getting any better. Many people including relatives of people I worked or working with have ton of problems related to this conflict. And if you take even a quick look at what is being broadcasted on a TV in both Russia and Ukraine, you would be scared shitless. They all are biased of course and what they do is trying to play patriotism game.

Many people are suffering. The capital is being destroyed. The businesses are closing down. What do you guys all do to a next generation who is supposed to rebuild this all. Will they stay and do all that or they decide they have some other stuff to do besides rebuilding what previous generation wasted?

And the craziest part of it: people who are supposed to serve the public are actually those in power to ignite and facilitate this massacre for sake of their personal political agenda. TV is dividing people on ‘us’ and ‘them’, while there is no such thing as ‘us’ being on one side, while ‘them’ on the other. You’re supposed to be either with ‘them’ or with ‘us’. There is nothing in between, being neutral is to be a suspect. And I would like to ask one question:

Why on Earth any private individual should get involved in this violent mess? Shouldn’t I have a choice not to subscribe to any of this shit and pursue some goals I might have?

I wish more people to ask themselves this question, because the situation is getting more and more polarized and many more countries are getting into this already global political conflict.

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