How I became a public threat

Have you noticed that this blog discusses such an outrageous topics like child pornography, encourages terrorism and other things of public concern?

If not, apparently it does. Today I got several messages from people in different regions of Russia that the government has blocked domain.

I have already written a number of times about how the government is using a pretext of guarding public from hazards on the Internet to go after everything they just don’t quite like:

Now they didn’t like some blog on the platform and did nothing better than blocking an entire WordPress gateway:

So… This blog might not be easily available for everyone in Russia. When you go to you might see a warning suggesting that it is blocked by a court rule.

Hmm… I told you so, guys. They will not do this smarter. Hopefully it will not go that far to the whole .com zone.

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3 Responses to How I became a public threat

  1. You know, what’s funny? I’ve heard several times now, that the government has blocked some site. Each time I was able to open the site in question in a perfectly normal way. Just like I can open your blog now.

    • Well, I know. This blocking is not total and not all Internet providers are fast enough and some of them are more selective then others. But that is not funny actually.

  2. gbushuev says:

    @Dmitry Savenko Try to use one of the russian ISP’s DNS server to get experience. I have to use Opera browser with switched on turbo option to open wordpress blogs from home.

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