Canadian City: Fitness in Vancouver

Last year I used to work in a central district of Moscow, and there was only one fitness club close to my work that offered a swimming pool. I was not able to make my way to it. Partially because commuting to office took about 40-50 minutes. You don’t have much time in a morning. You have to go about 500 meters to the fitness club, you spend there at least 1.5 hours, you go back to office and it takes 2 hours from your morning. I did this a couple of months, but this turned out to be unsustainable.

On top of that it was outrageously expensive. For a 1 year membership they charge not less than $1500 USD upfront. If you wanted to try it for 3 months, monthlywise it was even worse.

In Vancouver I go to an awesome fitness club in the very center of the city (5 minutes apart from the office): Robert Lee YMCA. Before you join there is a two-week trial period free of charge. Once you join, you pay $50 joining fee and pay $49 every month to attend. Could be cancelled at any time.

So, what do you get for $49*12 = $588 CAD? Well, it is almost anything you can imagine:

  • 50 meters long swimming pool
  • Warn pool with water streams
  • Ton of state-of-art gym equipment.
  • Nice cardio zone
  • Personal locker
  • More than 10 showers
  • Steam rooms
  • A basketball / athletics hall
  • A bunch of classes like yoga, aerobics all this stuff free of charge. Subscribe and attend
  • Parking lot
  • Children play room (while you do your workout)
  • Huge capacity. Literally hundreds of people can go there and not crowd the place out.

That’s fucking awesome!!! And you know what? Canadian dollar is cheaper than US dollar. So $588 CAD stands for ~$540 USD.

Can you beat this price in Moscow and deliver anything like this? No way.

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3 Responses to Canadian City: Fitness in Vancouver

  1. You can also play volleyball, badminton, squash there šŸ™‚ In Moscow, it was so hard to find a club with a volleyball court – as far as I remember, there were only about 4-5 such a clubs in Moscow and prices started from 1200$.
    Also there are a lot of different community centers here with a lot of different kind of sports and courses, so if you are not ready to pay monthly you can always come to such a center and just drop-in for a couple of dollars. For example, 2 hours of badminton cost about 3 dollars, while in Moscow we paid about 25 dollars per hour for a comparable facility.
    Sport in Vancouver is indeed very cheap and popular!

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