A few random photos from Vancouver streets

Coffee beans advertisement on a bus stop. For some weird reason it is not featured with graffiti or personal ads. The glass is not broken and clean:

Another advertisement. This time it is a greek yogurt (very similar to Russian ‘tvorog’).

Firefighters are promoting themselves. One thing I don’t like about them is loud sirens they use all the time even on empty roads at night (firehall is 200 meters from our home :)). But the car is a fantastic eye-candy:

1275 West 10th Avenue, BC, Vancouver — the place we live in (in one of 8 apartments). Not a mansion, but it is nice:

A guy right next to the bus stop is promoting beagles in front of his bakery. He gives anyone a try:

A silly promotion of bottle recycling. As always. Everywhere on public transport of Vancouver:

A coin-operated shopping cart. You put a dollar coin and the cart is unlocked. Once you’re done with shopping you park a cart, lock it and you’re free to take your dollar back. Simple self-sustainable service 🙂

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