A big day tomorrow

Tomorrow is going to be my first day at Amazon Canada!

I am about to join the Amazon Web Services team and work on RDS, a cloud relational database service.

I will keep you informed about this, but not better than it is allowed by a number of legal agreements I will be signing.

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12 Responses to A big day tomorrow

  1. Congratulations! It’s great! I’m very interested in something called “library-shelf system”, which Steve Yegge mentioned here: https://plus.google.com/+RipRowan/posts/eVeouesvaVX . Couldn’t find any mentions of it on the Internet 🙂 May be, it’s classified — in this case, nevermind 🙂

  2. bokrenok says:

    Tomorrow is going to be the second anniversary since you started your career in Amazon Canada. Would you share with us your experience and thoughts about it? How do you feel about it? What happened during this years? How is your career?

    • This is true! Thank you for reminding! 🙂

      I think it is a great idea to write such a post.

      Please let me do it during the upcoming weekend.

      • bokrenok says:

        Well… almost a year has passed. In two weeks it would be the third anniversary since you started your career in Amazon Canada. I’m still waiting for your post 🙂

        • Hi Natasha,

          That’s true. It’s now 3 years and it still feels like a day 1 🙂

          I’d love to post, but it takes a lot of time to post quality text 😦 Unfortunately, this guy takes all my free time:

          If you want, I can call you and we can chat 🙂

          • bokrenok says:

            Wow-wow! The guy looks almost like you 😉
            Congratulations with first son!
            As for me, I have four sons of my own 🙂
            And as you could guess you’ve mistaken about me: I’m not Natasha.

            In fact we’ve never met IRL.
            Although we both are NSU graduates and we are kind of namesakers.
            My name is Alexey, and I’m still living in Novosibirsk.

  3. Okay, never mind, I was confused by your username and for some reason I thought a while ago I identified you as a classmate.

    As for me, I have four sons of my own

    That’s many sons, I might not get to that number 🙂

    I’m not Natasha.

    Either fucking way, let’s make a phone call 😉 I don’t want you to have to wait for anything happening on this blog.

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