British Columbia ID

In British Columbia you’re often being asked for a primary and secondary ID. Primary is usually a document that has your photo and secondary one might be some other thing, depending on organization asking for it. Sometimes it could be a bank card with your name, but sometimes it is not enough and it should be some government paper. Once you used your passport as a primary photo ID, the only paper you have from Canadian government is a work permit. Usually organizations accept it, but sometimes you have to spend lots of time to explain things for them.

Some organizations are simply not very comfortable with IDs you have upon your arrival and ask for a copy of a driver license. A driver license is great, but you don’t have local driver license yet! You have to pass exams first 😦

So… you can apply for a BCID. A plastic card with your photo, birth date and a few other parameters. It looks like this:

It costs $35 CAD. You show up in ICBC (at downtown, Georgia st.), a firm that is responsible for issuing driver licenses in British Columbia and ask for a BCID. That’s all. You give them your passport and your work permit, pay 35 dollars. They take your photo right away. They ask for your address and that’s it. A new BCID is issued for you and it comes to your home address by mail in 30 days. Now you can take your time and learn rules of the road!

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