Renting in Canada [#7]: Electricity, cable TV, Internet and telephone

One of the last things you do to complete your move to a new rented home in Canada is setting up services.

Setting up electricity account or changing the billing address is a mandatory step to complete immediately once you moved in. I’ve described it in a previous edition of Renting in Canada: Moving in!.

The next step would be setting up an Internet connectivity. Accidentally, TV, Internet and a landline telephone are all provided in a package by a local ISP. So we’ve purchased a 100 Mb/s channel with Shaw. Shaw is one of a few telecom leaders in Vancouver and we didn’t think twice when choosing the ISP.

What it takes to set things up with Shaw? Not much. You go to their website, put services you want in a basket like you do it at, proceed to checkout and they schedule appointment with a technician who will show up in a couple of days to set you online 🙂

A technician comes with a bunch of devices. In our case we wanted TV and the Internet. He came with an HDTV receiver, Wi-Fi router and an IP-telephone modem. When we asked him why he brought landline telephone modem he told us that it comes in a package with everything else and if we don’t want to pay for it, we need to call Shaw in 6 months and they take telephone modem back.

We’re not quite sure if we need this landline, but the engineer said it is as cheap as $5/month and you can talk locally as long as you wish. Now we have a modem, but we don’t have a telephone device 🙂 Most likely we’re going to swallow these $5 monthly bills and purchase some phone. If it is that easy, why not to give it a try?

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2 Responses to Renting in Canada [#7]: Electricity, cable TV, Internet and telephone

  1. Actually, in terms of speed, traffic limit and especially the price, Novus is hands-down the best provider in Vancouver. You’ll get better options by a twice lower price comparing to Shaw.

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