Renting in Canada [#2]: American showers

Just like in the US, Canadian rentals have the similar type showers. Typical shower looks like this:

It is a bit different from what we got used to in Russia:

Do you see the difference? In America they almost always mount a shower into a wall and you have no flexible hose! You can control the angle of the water streams, but you can’t ‘operate’ the shower manually.

My wife didn’t like this aspect of American showers at first, but for me it is fine. I rarely took the shower head into my hand, I most naturally leave it hanging and then walk underneath the water spraying down.

Check your shower compatibility before coming to Canada! 🙂

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4 Responses to Renting in Canada [#2]: American showers

  1. Ivan Kolesnikov says:

    My wife did not like it too, but we solved this issue by replacing the shower head. Now it looks like this: It was very easy to do.

  2. sharedfin says:

    What I personally like about american showers is that they usually have high pressure – strong and bold stream of water so that taking shower is quick!

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