Arrival to Canada

I haven’t been writing here for a few days because we’re currently in a rush to set things up in Vancouver. These things take time and extending our stay in a hotel just because we haven’t found a permanent home yet is not our plan. After all, the hotel is very expensive. Therefore we’re spinning around the city in a rental hunt 🙂

As of today we decided that we’re not going for a rent in down town. Not because of a higher price there, it is just a little higher than in other places, but because of the environment. As per my wife, “there is too much of Moscow there”. Somehow it happened that we are living in a hotel that is located in a very good place and we’re spinning around it trying to catch a great rent for our first year in Canada. There will be a lot more about rental hunting in this blog going forward, I’ll summarize our experiences in this blog once we have a tenancy contract signed.

The hotel room we live in is on a top floor of Holiday Inn (3*) hotel. Sometimes we see huge seagulls walking on our window cornice:

P.S. We have already learned tons of stuff about Canada and how people live here, I will be more than happy to share this with you in this blog.

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4 Responses to Arrival to Canada

  1. I guess that your work office is in downtown or very close to it? So you’re going to rely on public transit. I hope it’s better than in Seattle 🙂 How do you like Vancouver so far? My colleague is in love with it, travels once a month there. We’ll probably come with him in August.

    • I guess that your work office is in downtown or very close to it?
      Correct. The office is in down town, but the transit system is quite good.

      How do you like Vancouver so far?
      Vancouver is a good city 🙂 We haven’t seen it enough though. Let’s get back to the same question later 🙂 As for your visit in August, I think we’ll be happy to meet you, let’s discuss later, we’re busy now planning other things 🙂

  2. It’s so not Moscow here 🙂
    I would highly recommend to take a look at different parts of the downtown – for example, West End, Coal Harbour, Yaletown. They are different in terms of price and locations, but to live just a couple of minutes from the ocean beach (or one of the biggest parks in the world) and be able to see sunsets their is really priceless 🙂
    Have just returned from cycling around Stanley Park – we’ve been here for 6 months already, but still very excited each time we go there.

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