A life as a warning to others

I am a strong advocate of personal freedom that means you should be allowed doing whatever weird thing you want as long as you assume 100% responsibility for consequences of your choices.

After reading and thinking about this quote I think I have a positive argument to those who think otherwise.

Whenever you discuss any social problem with socialist, you inevitably end up being accused of being ‘careless’, ‘mean’, ‘greedy’, ‘inhuman’ and just outright ‘bad person’ for staying on a position that you are a self-respecting human being willing to take responsibility in your own hands and letting other people do the same for everything happens to them as long as these people don’t come and force you into anything they think ‘a right thing you to be doing’.

Is it so difficult to understand that bad behavior patterns should lead to a bad consequences for those who misbehave, not just for everyone around? In a world where this doesn’t happen people start abusing the system and taking advantage of safety net the society provides? Imagine a person who does extremely reckless things and every time he or she does so, they are getting rescued by others or by the government. At what point do these people start learning things? By rescuing them, we deprive these people from learning opportunities. And even if they cannot take them, others will hopefully do.

This is a valid purpose for life of those who have chosen a dangerous side of the road. I think this is fair enough.

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