Mess and anti-mess at home

Do you know that in a quantum physics there are some elementary particles that have somewhat opposite characteristics like electrons and positrons? And when they meet each other something interesting happens: annihilation? A big energy blast and.. both electron and positron no longer exist… That is quite interesting, isn’t it?

During my life I found some similar type of phenomenon among people. The only thing is.. annihilation is not happening 🙂 Well, on the other side.. This might be a good thing after all 🙂 And the key characteristic of these opposite poles is how do they treat the place they live in.

People who feel comfortable in an abundance of stuff around them

Believe it or not, people feel okay in such places. What they tell you if you ask:

  • It’s not exactly a mess, I can find any of my stuff when I need it!
  • Throwing things in a trash bin gives me a pain… What if I suddenly need something in a future?
  • It is a garage/vacation house, it is supposed to be this way. I bring things here when I don’t need them at home…
  • When people live, they get stuff and this create some atmosphere of comfort. I don’t feel comfortable living in empty place.
  • Not so many people come to me and see this.
  • My TV is always on to “make a background”.

People who feel comfortable living in ascetic environment

Such people feel well when nothing pollutes their living space. What they say:

  • If I don’t need something for a year or so, it’s a trash. It’s better to get rid of it, not accumulate it.
  • I don’t need much stuff, I keep it at minimum.
  • I don’t think I need to own everything. If I need it, I get it, borrow it, hire a guy who has it.
  • I like when I can invite people to my place at any time even if I don’t need anyone to come today.
  • My TV is almost always off, TV pressures and poisons my brain.
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