The law of big numbers: all-mighty BBS

We in Yandex have a corporate mail list called BBS. It is something where you can send some offering or request and if you’re lucky, get what you want. People use it big time for so many sometimes even weird things so BBS is often referred as ‘all-mighty’.

Here are typical use cases:

  • Find a right doctor / dentist
  • Find a new host family for kittens
  • Buy or sell previously owned car
  • Buy or sell some foreign cash
  • Exchange something to something else
  • Borrow something like cell phone charger
  • Report lost & found
  • Offer tickets to some event / tour if you can’t go for some reason
  • Ask for advice
  • Ask for help with something
  • Find a rental property
  • Find tenants for your property
  • Discuss some weird office smells & noises

It works better as the firm grows in headcount! So, don’t hesitate and check out if your firm has such a mail list. If not, you can suggest creating one.

Today I purchased $30,000 USD in cash at central bank’s rate from one of colleagues of mine.

All I needed to do is to write a letter to BBS suggesting myself as a buyer if someone needs to sell dollars for rubles in high volume.

I think it is possible to buy or sell a million dollars from different employees in a few weeks 🙂

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