Quitting the job

Quitting job has never been easy for me, but today I announced my 5th quit. Why quitting a job is difficult? Well, I have always been picky when it comes to accepting job offers and I always make sure the company I join is good for me and my career. And I am getting used to good things really quickly! So breaking this circle of comfort and denouncing all unspoken mutual expectations in a good company is difficult as it gets personal. Especially crappy feelings come before you tell your manager about your decision because you never know how this nice colleague is going to react. He or she might have plans and expectations that are now threatened. Nobody knows what exactly going on upper levels and if your “message” will be received well or not… But you usually overestimate drama that lays ahead, so once bomb is off, it turns out to be less damage done than you think it should have.

Fortunately or unfortunately, quitting is inevitable in my circumstances. And not even in my current circumstances. You have to move out of your comfort zone to grow. You cannot grow in total tranquility if you’re not a cancer šŸ™‚ Things tend to calm down and get a little less of a challenge when you work in the same place and not getting any meaningful promotion. And even if you are getting promotion, it could be worth learning in one company, get promoted and then shortly after to capitalize on this experience elsewhere. I did it in my early career. Yes, it is getting harder over time, but you have to maintain the speed of things going with you.

Some companies are worth working in for a year, some companies are good enough for longer. Some have such a strong magnetism, so I know many people who worked 2nd-3rd time in the same company now. And that is healthy thing I guess. You introduce a new yourself every time you quit, acquire new experience and knowledge and then you get back on your next turn, but now you’re real kick-ass macho for a bigger job to do. One of these highly magnetic companies is without a doubt the Luxoft. I am very glad to have spent 2.5 years and learned tons of stuff in this company.

Now I leave Yandex. A very solid, brave and competitive company that earns a lot of respect challenging Google and other giants. People here are very nice and probably a little less cynical, probably even a bit childish. I like these people. The announcement has been received in a constructive way with no big drama. As a matter of fact, I received a support and understanding from colleagues along with best wishes of luck. This was not a formal “good luck”, but a real empathy. I like that, not sure I can do the same in their position. Thank you very much!

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3 Responses to Quitting the job

  1. Bokrenok says:

    How long have you been with Yandex?
    And what company are you going to work in? After Yandex it should be something greater and challenging.

    P.s. there are some mistakes like “when IN comes”, “going on ON upper levels”, “it IS could be worth”,

    • Thank you for corrections! You know, even with proof-read it leaves these typos… šŸ˜¦ I don’t like them either.

      I have been with Yandex since March 1st, 2013, so 15 months now.

      I am going to tell my audience about my new career, but let’s not rush into it =)

    • With regards to how challenging my new job would be, I promise not to disappoint. Stay tuned!

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