Shit is creeping up: government blocks Ukrainian IT portal

As I have already written at Internet Privacy Level 2 for cheap in December, that Internet is getting an increasingly creepy place and you’d be better to start doing something about it.

I wrote quite a paranoid piece in January, 2014 about government trying to put its foot in our doors under pretense of fighting terrorism and child porn. It is not a paranoid now! It is a reality.

This was in December and January, today is a beginning of May, 5 months later and here you are: they blocked, an Ukrainian software development portal. Many people in Ukraine are working in IT/software, many of them work in Odessa and Kiev and Kharkiv and other cities that are currently in a mess. Of course they speak about it. Many people want to get out and move to other regions and therefore find a new job… Yet some fagot in Russian censorship department apparently decided that this portal is a nursery of terrorism and decided to block it for all Russians.

And you know what? This is just a beginning. I bet nobody is going to look at this Ukrainian portal and say a word trying to re-enable it for Russia. After all, this is an Ukrainian site, right? Ukrainians are busy now dealing with these armed mercenaries, combatants, rebels, bandits, whoever…

This is a very sad development, and I don’t see it getting better. I believe child porn and terrorism will still be there running wild yet all of us will have a hard time getting into software development web sites. Sounds logical? Not for me.

P.S. It seems some providers haven’t blocked the yet. At least from my corporate network it is available. But there are people having problems with this portal.

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