So insane: Russian army invades Ukraine ‘to protect…’

Just as a quick recap of what happened last week: I am back to Moscow, lots of photos from Vietnam, lots of new experience, great vacations sadly came to an end 😦

Current mess between Russia and Ukraine is so irrational, I don’t even know where to start. I think we need to wait a few weeks to reconstruct what has happened. So many insane comments in social media, so much of extreme sentiment.

I don’t feel president Putin represents all Russians in this action. However, given the hysterical atmosphere in social media, I do sadly admit that there are certain types of people supporting this madness. I don’t know exactly why, but I suspect there are few factors in play:

  • Aggressive anti-revolution propaganda in our media largely exacerbating the magnitude of emergency in Crimea and the seriousness of revolution-related threats.
  • Some widely spread notion of Crimea to be Russian territory due to a long history before and many Russian people living there.

But the main actor in this unfunny theater if of course Russian president Putin, who has lots of insane reasons to attack Ukraine for pure selfish political interests:

  • Putin has a strong willingness to switch people’s attention from just closed Olympics to foreign military action (not to domestic problems).
  • Strong willingness to exploit current vulnerable position of Ukraine to earn some political points among the dumbest fractions of population by putting hurt on Ukraine and possibly taking over Crimea.
  • Strong willingness by Putin to establish stronger future negotiation position versus new government and president of Ukraine to protect his political ambitions.
  • Masking rational reasons of Ukrainian uprising by a curtain of cold war type of language (“we’re fighting fascism threat”, “Europe and the US are putting our interests at stake”, etc.).
  • Shut any criticism down domestically under pretense of “you’re not patriotic”, “you’re traitor”, etc… Now at war-like conditions it would be easier to pull out dirty tricks to suppress rational criticism at home.

None of this is good, none of this is moral and none of this will end well neither for Russia, nor for Ukraine. The only guy who will benefit from this in a short run is Putin, not sure about the long run. Probably not in the long run either. Total mess and calamity.

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