Sea shore dinner in Nha Trang

It was our third day in Nha Trang city. The weather here is awesome, food is great, prices are fantastic, the hotel is superb (We stay in Michelia Hotel (4*)). What else would you need? Hmm.. a sea shore dinner 🙂 A few nice pictures we made before waitress brought us the food:

What did we have?

Two soups, one was with a shark fin, another was a seafood soup. A plate of seafood under sause with vegetables, two big glasses (ones often used for Pina Colada) of grapefruit and mango juices and all this for under $20. That is what I call “good value for money”.

Right after that we returned to the hotel room and decided not to go out anywhere (we have tomorrow before we start exploring Vietnam in excursions). So I had some time to swim in a pool downstairs and once I returned I decided to reward myself a little.

What I do now is sipping warm black tea with Belgium chocolates, but right before that I enjoyed a bit of nice Baileys Chocolat Luxe (a small bottle I bought in duty free shop of Domodedovo airport).

Who would suggest now that this is not a paradise on Earth?

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