Hanoi experience: photos [#2]

Well, photos are the absolute must when you go to Vietnam. So, here are some of them we made in Hanoi.

First thing that will “make you hmm..” is street restaurants as they call it. It is actually not restaurants at all, more like collective eating on both street sides. I haven’t made any photos of this, because I feel uncomfortable taking pictures of people eating publicly. However, I found one photo on Google Images that will let you understand what I am speaking about:

People are very easy to eat out in Hanoi πŸ™‚ Our guide Ching told us that people in Vietnam have breakfasts at home very seldom even in villages, usually they eat out in such places (the price is really affordable).

Here are few other photos we made:

Emperor of Vietnam (AFAIK, founder of Hanoi):

Tree at the shore of Sword Lake (center of Hanoi):

Final destination, Mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh (center of Hanoi):

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2 Responses to Hanoi experience: photos [#2]

  1. The wrethes look like electronic table’s zeros on the last photo.

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