Hanoi experience [#1]

First two days of our Vietnam vacation experience were all in Hanoi. We left our winter clothing in Domodedovo’s (Moscow’s largest airport) baggage room and landed in Hanoi in T-shirts 🙂 The first concerns have arisen when the airplane captain said the temperature in Hanoi is 10 degrees centigrade 🙂 When we were met by our guide Ching, he told us right away that we’re going to feel cold outside and we arranged a brief shopping tour with him to buy some warmer clothing. Ching told us that we just got unlucky to have this type of weather in Hanoi, while normally it is about 20 degrees.

An hour later we had a great chicken soup, salad and 2 sets of roasted shrimps with sause + two vietnamese coffees for outrageous $27 (a meal for two) but we didn’t care that much. The food was great, though the center of Hanoi is much more expensive than the rest of the country.

Then we went out to take a few pictures hoping to find some warm clothing shop around the corner. We failed to find one, but an hour later Ching with a driver on Toyota Innova with leather seats has driven us to a Vietnamese clothing store that ‘sells expensive clothing Vietnam exports’. He said there is Chinese clothing all over the place much cheaper (are they giving it for free?!), but Vietnamese is of a better quality, but a little more expensive. I don’t know about quality, but even ‘a bit more expensive’ winter jacket costed me $17. Right after this one was purchased, life in Hanoi has got much better 🙂

As we learned later, all excursions and tours we have booked in Hanoi and Ha Long Bay will be done for us exclusively, because no other people arrived these days 🙂 That surprise was a really positive one.

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