Terrorism has become a boring show now

Evil terrorists blew up a bus and a troleybus a few days ago in Volgograd, Russia.  All channels were covering this 24/7. Russian media was mostly focused on how horrendous this was, many foreign media outlets were all over it speculating on how close Volgograd is to Sochi, where Olympic games are just about to start.

Well, the distance is 984 km. Putting this in perspective, it is more than from Amsterdam to Prague across the whole Germany. Russia is a big country, 984 km is quite close, yep 🙂

But I’d like to make a point here that terrorism as a media and PR phenomenon has become boring. It doesn’t thrill anyone now, we’re barely interested. It has become a part of our lives and this part gets increasingly boring. The acts of terror have changed as well.

I kind of understand  when some mad lunatics blow up the WTC in NY or Kremlin or whatever. It is a horrible crime, but at least it has some symbolism. I sort of understand when someone decides to kill a public official and take responsibility for this act, demanding something or attaching some ultimatum to it like “you don’t listen to us, so we blow you up”. But blowing up a bus full of absolutely random people and not even taking responsibility for this? Not attaching any political message to it? Just blowing it up? Just killing a few dozens of people? What is the point? What could be accomplished by doing this?

People are getting used to this. Terrorism became as meaningless and as pointless so it is like a fallen tree that killed a bunch of people in a car. It is quite sad, but this is life. These guys in a car just happened to be shit out of luck. That’s it. Media still reports it continuously, a bunch of talking heads are all over news channels, but frankly… What else they are to do? They became a part of terrorism economy. What all these experts are going to do if there is no terrorism? Well.. I don’t know. So yet another terrorist attack for them is like a Black Friday for retailers. This is a time when all the money/PR is made.

I even think that in some countries terrorism has become a perverted part of national economy. There is so much demand for it so to speak. Counter-terrorism is a big money business. Hollywood and its producers are sourcing inspiration in these stories. Experts and policy makers are making statements, reaping political dividends on this. After all, this is an opportunity to show how quick they are to respond. Terrorists themselves are paid by their sponsors. So if you have nothing to do and you want some thrill in your life — hmm, go and blow something up. TV channels are gaining ratings reporting all the details of the bomb exploded etc. Intelligence and security agencies are explaining their intrusion in our lives by pointing finger on terrorists they are fighting. Many countries are getting some financial help to arm their military that is supposed to help them in case of terrorism escalation..

There are so many people who are highly trained to exploit each aspect of terrorism, so I think we’re going to lose a few percents of our economy if suddenly terrorists stop attacking us.

And do you know the funniest and the most absurd part of the story? Terrorists are supposedly fighting against some government. Against US military (it is a part of the government), against Russian law-enforcement (it is also Russian state body). But the thing is… There is nothing better for a government than having some terrorism here and there. What if there is a legitimate political movement fighting for something in the country? Well, this is a big pain in all status quo butts. You have to follow some law to hold them back or at least pretend doing so. When you’re confronted with terrorists — you don’t need following any law, you don’t need explaining anyone anything. Just start shooting left and right and tag any casualty a terrorist. That’s it. Ah, no. One extra thing. Don’t forget to give as many interviews as possible while eliminating all these terrorists.

But bored population might eventually get used to it. So, these bastard terrorists have to come up with something new, otherwise we’re going to switch channel to Disney or something else.

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