The Truman Show [1998]

I don’t like Jim Carrey as an actor. His gestures are usually unnatural, he always goggle, he plays stupidity all the time.

However, I watched The Truman Show today and I would admit it is a good relaxing and positive film. It is not ridiculous, it is not very deep and Carrey doesn’t always play like Charlie Chaplin in a silent movie.

The Truman Show is a reality show on steroids. Film makers adopted baby Truman on the first day of his life and planted him into an artificial world of producer’s fantasies. Some day he realizes that the world around is not natural. It runs around him. He starts seeing strange things on streets and whenever he starts acting randomly, strange things start happening.

So he tries escaping this fictitious world which follows each and every step he does. He finally succeeds and does this beautifully.

Please enjoy.

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