Ideal New Year partying. Still not crystalized.

This New Year I was partying in a very traditional way.

We went to parents of my wife and spent two days (December 31st and January 1st) there. This was a little bit too much, I think. Actually, this wasn’t planned very much. We left our home on December 31st at afternoon and basically joined the cooking process. Then a couple new people joined us: wife’s brother and his girlfriend. They also assisted us with cooking and by 9 PM we were almost all done.

Then we started eating all this stuff :)) And drinking of course 🙂 This wasn’t very much about drinking, but a couple bottles of champagne and whiskey were consumed. Then we listened to a traditional New Year message from the president Putin, basically wishing a greater good for everyone, promising that ‘we’ are going to build something together in the upcoming year.

Speaking of message from a president. One of the worst things in this life is listening to a New Year address from a president. I don’t understand why so many people like doing it. One of the best messages I have ever heard from a president was in a year 2000, when the first president of Russia said he is going to resign. This was emotional.

Every year I hope for something like this, probably the rest of the population wishes the same. Apart from that, I would rather see president’s head on a spear, than watching hypocritical politician’s lips claiming they are to thank for all good happened in the year in subject.

This  also has something to do with worshiping president as a God in this country. What a big daddy is gonna say this year? I’d love to wake up some day and realize that whoever the president is now meaningless. So many brilliant people are busy analyzing what president has said, what he is going to say, what he is actually going to do, what was the actual meaning and so on. Fuck it all. This all should be of no meaning in our life. I don’t care about what president has said.

Right after the president’s speech we went outside to burn sparklers 🙂 That reminded me about my childhood a bit.

When we returned back at home, it was something close to 1:00 AM (January 1st) and I decided to go to bed.

The next morning I woke up before everyone else and spent 2 hours in bed because there was nothing else to do. After all, I didn’t want to wake anyone up. After a few hours we sat back and ate something again. We were clearly making an extra effort putting food in our stomaches.

Then wife’s brother and his girlfriend came up with an idea to watch a film in a cinema nearby. It was Yolki 3. This was a silly New Year comedy basically sending rays of good in all directions combined with multiple plots ridiculously intertwined. This film should be called “The New Year Chaos 3: Escape from Lunatic Asylum”, but this sounds a little bit scary 🙂 The film is perfectly compared to a condom. You use it once, you get the pleasure and then you dispose it and never look back.

Still looking for a better use of my NY holiday time.

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