My own hackathon

Our government is particularly nice to women who work. December 31st is a business day this year. Those wives who are going to cook a New Year meal for a family should be happy about this. But, just in case we all have drinking problem, NY holiday is somewhat shortened and a few holiday days are moved to November and May. Awesome indeed.

However, this doesn’t apply to Yandex, because somehow it was communicated, that it is not required to be in office on December 31st this year.  Hooray! The atmosphere on December 30th is not helping hard work anyway (a colleague of mine called for others who want to play ‘some game’, I heard about Quake3 some time ago…).

So, I decided to stop working too and hack something. This time it is a Java-based tool to republish WordPress posts to my old LiveJournal blog (RUS).

Not that it is super clean and ready to make me a programmer celebrity, but anyway it is good enough and it is easy to adopt.

The tool also tries to avoid duplicate postings, so it implements a Levenshtein distance algorithm and understands web link reposts.

You can find it on a GitHub. LJ client code is based on LjAPI by Igor Katkov, yet I implemented basic tags support and forked it. I also collected all the dependencies LjAPI has and placed everything together.

Use for good.

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2 Responses to My own hackathon

  1. Denis Gladkiy says:

    Can you tell more about the tool? Why does it need to detect duplicate postings? It could store a date of the last WP post and transfer the new into LJ. Or the date could be just an input parameter.

    • Denis, this is correct, but I just scan last N posts and decide based on this. I don’t want storing anything, this is just for a script that I run on Amazon EC2 machine.

      I also do some transformation before posting.

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