[Stuff]: Presents that I like and those I don’t

I don’t normally like physical presents. They don’t come as a surprise because people who normally give them to me ask in advance what I would like to have for New Year đŸ™‚ Otherwise it is just incredibly difficult to figure out what I need because I don’t need anything until I do and buy it myself.

Normally, I try to keep myself having as little amount of stuff as possible to maintain comfort level. I hate old stuff. I try getting rid of it at earliest possibility.

So when people present me some thing for a gift I usually don’t approve it internally. Especially if this is some silly thing of no use. Like small souvenirs, a cup for a tea, a silly shit like this. Because somehow these things become “special” and you’re not supposed to throw them in a trash bin. One thing I hate the most is when my grand dad gives me some Christian icons. Fuuuck!!! He probably does this to make me feel like a sinner or something. But I don’t want carrying these carton images of who knows what from one place to another. I’m not a religious guy, but somehow my parents and grand parents think I need those items.

What I like to have for a present is non-physical present. A new experience. A new atmosphere, a new feeling.  Something cool, but disposable. A ticket to some place, a voucher for some reputable service, a club member card, sex on a wild lonely beach, a photo session gift card or something of this sort. Something that doesn’t require physical space to warehouse it.

If you wish me to remember and be glad, don’t ever give me stuff.

Probably this is the first stage of evolving into a pure energy life form:

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