[Stuff]: Perfect clothing online for men

It is a common understanding, that finding a proper men clothing is a harder challenge than it is for women. I believe, Moscow is not the only place in the world where men are screwed so badly with low-quality shit-looking clothing sold for crazy money.

At the same time, it is hard to get so satisfied with a customer service to write such a blog post here. However, it is still possible after ~3 years of shopping at Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts online store (US store is here). German and Australian shops are also available, but your account works everywhere, these are just different domains of the same shop, but prices could be different and displayed in different currencies.

A few days ago I decided to refresh my look a bit and decommission some older shirts. Such an impeccable shop! I’ve placed my 12th order with Charles Tyrwhitt today and can’t wait before a new pack of shirts comes to me.


Well, Russian retail prices are the rip-off. Traditional retail pays enormous fees/bribes left and right, lavish salaries to silly shopping consultants who you would rather never meet. Customs duties are high.

So, let me give you an example. A good quality shirt I bought in a fancy store this summer right before my wedding costed me something like 7500 RUB, or ~140 GBP for one fucking shirt! Yes, the shirt was of a good quality, but it was a simple cotton. If was’t made of gold or whatever. Yesterday I ordered 4 shirts 25 pounds each and the quality of those is superb. Freaking 5-6 times cheaper (+ add a few pounds for air-mailing this stuff to Russia)! And BTW, all of them are 100% non-iron cotton. You’ll see the difference after you take it from your washing machine 🙂


As I said above, the quality is second to none. I experimented with various cotton types, all I can say — buy non-iron. Fuck all these Egyptian cottons, just buy non-iron and you will never regret. So much easier to stay cool all day long in non-iron cotton shirt than in traditional cotton that turns into a creased shit after a few hours of wearing. And you don’t want any synthetic fibers in your shirt either (CT doesn’t sell those anyway). For those of you, who are still not convinced, read this.

Bottom line

  1. Fantastic shopping experience.
  2. Fantastic prices when it is for sale and you order multiple items.
  3. Fantastic quality.
  4. Fantastic English speaker on the hotline, not some freaking Indian dude from Bangalore who couldn’t speak a word in English.

Long live Charles Tyrwhitt! I’ll come back later.

P.S. Full disclosure: they haven’t paid me to write this and I’m not a shareholder of this e-commerce company.

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5 Responses to [Stuff]: Perfect clothing online for men

  1. Denis Gladkiy says:

    Business shoes in this shop looks great. Thinking of buying a pair.

  2. Denis Gladkiy says:

    I’ve already got positive experience with buying such kind of stuff: sport shoes, swimming suite %) Fails have not yet been.

    P.S. Can I edit comments here? I want to fix some typos.

    • I don’t know if you can. Try and let me know 🙂

      But frankly, nobody cares about typos.

      I had some bad luck buying exactly business shoes there. They were quite good, but they happened to be bigger than I wanted them to be and sole was not flexible enough for me.

      So they ended up in a trash.

      I don’t know if this is what Englishmen like or I missed something.

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