[Stuff]: Jabra Revo Wireless

This is my second wireless headphones experiment. This one is not some shitty radio channel headphones, but the Jabra Revo Wireless Bluetooth headset, so I don’t need a transmitter.

Using it for two hours, very happy like this girl:

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5 Responses to [Stuff]: Jabra Revo Wireless

  1. Denis Gladkiy says:

    Are you using them on the streen? I’m using Razer Chimaera ( http://www.razerzone.ru/product/xbox360-pc-audio/razer-chimaera ) at home. They can work more than 2 hours but their ‘base station’ is terrible. The main use case for them is playing Star Craft 2 %)

  2. Denis Gladkiy says:

    Cool, cool. I’ve broken my outdoor headphones recently… Will consider yours 😉

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