You can’t have a national strategy based on parasitism

Ukraine is a great prove for the fact that politicians are much more immoral even when compared to prostitutes.

Speaking of prostitutes. When a Ukrainian whore goes to Germany and joins some brothel in say Munich or Berlin, she knows full well that she is not going to make money sitting on sofa, drinking free drinks and chatting with other girls. She is there to do a certain type of job… a blowjob… 🙂 Ha-ha.

Here comes Ukraine as a nation. The whole strategy of the country is “which union do we join, so we get paid maximum for a sake of joining”. Sorry for my English, this might sound awkward for natives. What I’m trying to express here is a strange Ukrainian plan to join some organization like EU or some trade union proposed by Russia and prostitute itself for a maximum amount of perks without even doing anything for it.

Well, some say they want to get compensated for choosing one option over another, others say that they want to get compensated for all economic damage this joining will do to them. This is nonsense. If it is not worth it — don’t join any union. If it is — join and don’t ask for a compensation, after all, you have asked to get allowed to join, not the other way around.

When Ukrainian Prime-Minister says Ukraine has stopped a dialog with EU because EU didn’t offer enough money to Ukraine for joining, I cannot believe I’ve just heard this. What a pathetic shit. Using our prostitutes metaphors, he looks much like a guy leaving a brothel upset because no prostitute buys his idea that sucking his penis is a great honor and she has to pay him for doing so…

You can’t have a national strategy to become a 1st world country by seeking free stuff around. It is impossible.

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