Offshore bank account: Messy legal system [#2]

You will not believe that the biggest issue so far opening a bank account offshore is to certify a photocopy of a foreign passport by Russian notary public.

I reached a bunch of them recently and all of them refused to do a simple thing: I give them a foreign passport, they make a copy and certify that this is a true copy of my passport.

What I heard (you always learn something new when asking a new notary the same question):

  1. They don’t certify copies of foreign passports.
  2. They certify only a translation of foreign passport to Russian language done by professional agency, translation should include transtaltions of all stamps and visas o_O.
  3. They don’t certify any documents containing any non-Russian wording.
  4. They only certify an extract from the first page of a foreign passport that could be apostiled by a Department of Justice.

**FUUUUCK**, I do need a certified copy in English, not any of this shit. I bet any notary in UK for instance will simply put a stamp “TRUE COPY” and sign the paper without any questions what so ever. Not in Russia.

I contacted the bank, described the situation, the manager contacted their compliance department, we both considered these tips for weird cases like mine. And finally produced a all-mighty-document stating something like this (In Russian):

I, Alexey Kuznetsov, affirm that the following 12 pages do represent an original, unedited and full copy of my foreign passport #XX XXXXX, issued by ….

This was intertwined with a copy of my passport and then the notary certified my signature under this magic text. The next step is to obtain a certified translation of the above to English. And we’re done.

Let’s see how this works out.

P.S. Ha-ha, I like the idea of self-certification of something :))

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