Forced uneconomical lending is a central planning

Fantastic news, gentlemen!

[RUS]: Russian state-operated institution called VEB (VneshEconom Bank) is calling for ~$6B for recapitalisation and now. 

This institution is a nice banking cover for almost all our government-sponsored initiatives including Olympic games in Sochi 🙂

You can pretend not spending anything on Olympic games, but there is no magic, you still need to subsidise bank to continue issuing bad loans for your projects.

And the best of all, this institution is in charge of a greater half of the national retirement contributions. Now add two and two together and think for yourself.

The bottom line is this:

We hear from time to time that government should somehow propagate morality among citizens. We even know that government spends a lot to pretend doing it. But the government itself is a highly immoral institution, so how could it make us a better society?

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