The Wave

Today I’ve watched a very interesting film The Wave.

It is about a modern age university that has a course ‘Autocracy’ that is focused on studying autocratic, authoritarian and dictatorial political systems.

At the beginning of the course, they asked a question ‘Is a dictatorship possible in Germany?’.

Students answered ‘No, we’re too educated to allow it’ and the teacher started developing fascistic features in the class for educational purposes. He managed to smoothly sell students almost all features of totalitarian regime including uniform that was ‘white shirt and blue jeans’.

At the end of this course the group of students turned into a small replica of a fascist party that started to function beyond the class time. They have chosen a logo, they turned into a small hate machines following their teacher and even reaching much further than their leader had anticipated.

The teacher tried to shut the project down, explaining to students that this was for educational purposes only and he didn’t want to reach that far, but this didn’t work out well. One student committed suicide because ‘The Wave’ (how they called themselves) meant so much to him and the teacher got sentenced to jail time.

The point of the film was very clear. It doesn’t matter how educated you are. Manipulating masses is not a difficult business and at some point even nice hippy-type of students might be converted into a fascist mob within a few months of primitive manipulation.

Very interesting film, highly recommend watching it.

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