Some warning signs

Every day I see small warning signs suggesting that working, earning a living and doing business in Russia would get harder in future.

In general, you don’t want law enforcement agencies to be tools to fix budget problems. Yet here it is a clear trend towards using violent harassment as means to improve fiscal position of the country. Here is some evidence of this:

[RUS]: Investigation Committee suggests to criminally charge for tax optimization abuse
[RUS]: Vladimir Putin endorsed letting anti-criminal agencies initiating investigation of tax abuse without an expertise from tax authority

A bit older, but still very alarming trend is that more and more laws are passed thru the Parliament are written in vague language. Many of them leave classifying the case to government’s discretion (like ‘offence of religious feelings’).

We also hear from time to time about some proposed laws to criminally charge for wrong kind of speeches like ‘charge for insulting symbols of the state’, ‘charge for speeches agains state’s unity’, ‘speeches expressing extreme views’ etc. Some of them have already become laws.

Recent examples from today:

[RUS]: Duma proposes jail time for mocking national anthem
[ENG]: Russian Deputy Advocates Jail for Defamers of National Anthem

Another disturbing trend is that we increasingly approaching the situation when there is only one correct opinion on things. If you have another opinion — go and fuck yourself. Especially if you’re in the government. Everything is initiated from the administration and if you have any contrary opinion — you are wrong and you should not be on a position. The only accepted behavior started to be ‘accept and obey’.

Just recent examples:

[RUS]: The president Vladimir Putin hinted prime-minister that he might end up fired for criticising his law proposal

Basically, the message is the following: If you don’t totally agree with everything coming from the president, you should not be in the executive branch of the government, your place is being an ‘expert’ who are still allowed to disagree. What if president starts introducing bad ideas (he already has started doing this)? There is not even a broad discussion of this any more. Everyone agrees and supports or else…

P.S. Many people told me I am ‘paranoid’. Yet there is a massive factual evidence of rapid deterioration of any remaining civil liberties in Russia.

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