Interesting things are happening in South America

Fantastic show is taking place in South America right now.

I see not even a word about it on or, but this is something worth taking a closer look at. As per news articles, Venezuela president has ordered to take over some retail shops in the country to guarantee consumer electronics is sold at ‘fair prices’ that he thinks should be 60-90% less than actual price at the moment of takeover.

This is basically the bill for socialistic illusions that came to people of Venezuela. From now on, things will move fast in this country.

And you know what? This is a buddy of Russian government. The president of Venezuela. Not a Chavez though. Chavez is kind of not there any more. But his successor. Why do we need enemies with friends like this?

Interesting to read, as we have seen this many times and each time this ends up very badly:

[ENG]: Maduro Government ‘Occupies’ Venezuela Electronics Chain

[RUS]: Why Venezuela legalises retail shop looting

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3 Responses to Interesting things are happening in South America

  1. gbushuev says:

    Everyone knows the result of price regulation in Russia. I still remember the days when our family had spend two wonderful days staying in line for a color TV set.

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