I often lie where I am from

When I am abroad for vacations or business I try not to tell strangers on streets or cafes where I came from. Last time I had a short vacation in Berlin I pretended to be Alex from New York.

And you know, it is not only a good prank to blame Barack Obama for a bad flood in New York while speaking with a few Italians in a pub. I see terribly bad waves of negative PR emanating from our officials amplified by foreign media outlets. There is no bigger gift for foreign cold-war-minded politicians or prostitute-type journalists than our own officials speaking on subjects of remote importance like gay rights or latest Greenpeace show in neutral waters. And honestly, the government provokes this negative attitude ourselves. If you look close to what our official friends are, you’re going to get confused. So who they are? Belarus with a president ruling it alone for 20 years, Iran, Syria — places no better than Belarus, worse in many respects. We are making such friendships to irritate western countries.

How would you feel if you enter some place, meet some new people and say you’re from Russia, and a second after a guy says: “Hey, I’ve recently watched one video about Russians and laughed my ass off”. Video like this (Russian troops in masks are capturing Greenpeace ship):

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3 Responses to I often lie where I am from

  1. Andry says:

    If blog is in English, will write in my “English” 🙂 When I’m asked where I’m from, I tell that I’m from Russia. Some people ask which city. I’m not a good psychologist, but I’ve never noticed any trace of unfriendliness because of my origin. All our neighbors know that we’re from Russia, as well as my landlord and co-workers. They usually reply “Wow, that’s far away!”.

    • I don’t have any problem telling landlord where I am from. In general, you don’t want to lie about it. I just don’t want to advertise when speaking to strangers. I also find it funny to pretend I’m American =) And help (for instance) Italians with their English ))

  2. Andrey says:

    Sure, I also do not start conversation telling where I’m from. However, it’s more hard for me to lie and pretend being an American because of my English. So I have no choice. And as I mentioned, it doesn’t seems that being from Russia considered a bad thing here.

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