Criterias of “safe haven” country

Deciding on what would be the strategic place to be for next decade might be challenging.

Since I have many things to accomplish for the next decade it should be a developed country with good IT/Software opportunities available for me. After all, I should make some money, right?

Developed countries are not all equal. I assess countries by the following stability criteria:

  1. Status of Civil Liberties in the country (suppressed or protected)
  2. Ambitions of politicians in charge, do you often hear political statements emanated from them?
  3. Amounts spent on military and number of aircraft carriers operated by the country.
  4. Amounts committed to spend on retirees and public sector workers.
  5. Levels of public debt.
  6. Quality of judicial system.
  7. Trade surplus/deficit

In general you want civil liberties to be protected, politicians to be mostly unknown outside the country, low military spending as a share of GDP, none or small number of aircraft carriers operated, small public sector, small public debt, trade surplus, and trusted judicial system.

All this combined gives you some confidence. Even if the country will get hit by some bursting housing bubble, or some economic crisis (like falling export revenues) the fact that the country has quality institutions and low debt levels with trade surplus guarantees a good chance of fast recovery.

What about aircraft carriers? The fact is: building aircraft carrier is bloody expensive. This shows willingness of politicians to spend on things that don’t benefit you as a citizen. Having many aircraft carriers doesn’t make your country a much safer place either. Quite the opposite. Why some countries wish to have them? To intervene in remote territories, project their political power across the ocean, engage themselves in military operations outside their borders and stuff like that. And who is potentially going to pay for these games? You as a tax payer if you got unlucky to be around.

For example, I wouldn’t consider Germany as a good place to live and work as of now. There are problems with Germany. Politicians there are all too ambitious about creating United Europe and about saving EU and other helping other countries in Europe. Level of public debt is high and combined with already ridiculously high taxes and aging population this guarantees tough economic conditions for young who are going to be left holding the bag with a little say in elections. Of course, this is all needs to be compared with alternatives. Comparing to Sudan, Germany is doing great, no question about it.

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