And yes, you do have time for this

My wife sits in a different room and reads some book, Harry Potter or something. She says it makes her brain relaxed. And I’m sitting here and blogging about it because I’m a bit bored, the weather is shitty and I’m thrilled with WordPress 🙂

“I don’t have time for this!” — that’s what I hear quite frequently.  Sometimes this is told in a context of invitation to some party (see my previous post “Benefits of partying“), or even dating. Recently I read a post from Guardian on why on Earth people from Japan are abandoning dating and having sex. A number of people testified on the subject basically repeating something about “not having time for this shit”.

I really wonder why this takes so much time. At least in their imagination. Well, Japanese are specific folks, this might be the answer. But anyway, dating doesn’t take much time :)) Trust me, I did it myself. For instance, let’s consider my case of dating my future wife.

We first met in mid of December 2012, we had one date a week every week for two months (we were both so called ‘busy’. I was finishing my work in Luxoft, and she were finishing her second higher education + working). That was enough to figure out that we want to live together. I went to a dinner with her parents, presented myself and after a couple weeks we decided to start looking for an apartment to rent. We married after 4 months of living together and everything has been just fine since then. While we were living together… Hmm.. I don’t remember myself being busy that much doing things I had never been doing before. Slightly more of cleaning and dishwashing and that’s it :). Who the fuck you’re kidding with this “I don’t have time for this”? It sounds more like “I don’t know how to do it, I don’t really know where to start and I’m afraid both to fail and to succeed”.

And this works with all other stuff in your life. Yes you do have time for important things. The point is really it is the only thing you really have. A time for important things. And when I say important, I mean not only job.

Whenever you’re overloaded on your job, it means either your or your manager’s fault. So go and fix it. And if you’re running your own business, it probably means you’re doing well.

Actually, being totally concentrated on starting and growing business.. I think it is probably the only valid thing to say in context of not having time for something. After all, owning a business is both important and rewarding thing in your life. If you succeed, in future you will have more time for other things. If you fail.. probably the same.

But if you just work for a paycheck and you say I don’t have time for anything.. You’re probably just shitting yourself. Go and fix it. Now.

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2 Responses to And yes, you do have time for this

  1. I would suggest give you wife harry potter and methods of rationality, so you can both read it together.

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