Globalize myself

This is exactly my plan. The government is after my pension, that is not a surprise for a smart person in Russia. Laws are getting more and more ridiculous and this is not all problems I have with a direction my homeland is headed.

What I would like to do in a course of two next years is to diversify my presence and decouple myself from one particular Russian jurisdiction, so stupidity of my government has no affect on me what so ever.

One thing I’m trying now is opening an offshore bank account.

Second thing is moving to a certain different country I consider a “safe haven”.

Third thing I’ve already accomplished by now is to go off Russian media grid and globalize my sources of information. Hey, that was the easiest part 🙂 Internet rules. Listening to a various International media including radio shows like SchiffRadio.

Finally I got married not so long ago 🙂 Globalizing myself alone is a shitty plan anyway.

I’m going to share my experiences here, stay tuned!

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